Because we take pride in our art and we love what we do. Transitions Photography strives to provide an experience that is Personal, Unique, and Creative!



Our Staff Makes Us Personal!

The creative staff of Transitions Photography will use a little creativity; a lot of passion, but most importantly heart, to produce memorable moments for you.  We understand how important your memories are and we would love to be a part of making them for you and with you.


Your journey begins with a personal one-on-one consultation.  We believe the best way to capture the essence of our subjects, is to know them.  That is why your consultation is so important.  During this time, you will be able to share your vision with our photographer.  As he listens, your ideas will assist him in suggesting prime locations for your photo session.


 Our Locations Make Us Unique!

Anyone can shoot a picture anywhere, however you deserve more from your shoot. The staff of Transitions Photography spends many hours searching areas in Kansas City for locations.  While many locations may be scenic, our photographers are drawn to those locations that are brimming with character!  That is what gives us our uniqueness.  We go that extra mile to fit the client with the location! If you want images that look like everyone else’s, you can go anywhere.  However, If you want something special; you should contact us!